Chapter Officers

Abby Smith


Senior | Elementary Education "Sigma Kappa has provided me many opportunities of friendship, leadership & personal growth. Being president was nothing I had ever expected. It has given me belief in my capabilities & provided ample skills I can use in my future careers. My sisters remind me every day of their dependability that beauty and love exists in the world. No matter what, they have my back through the good & the bad times."

Caroline Lawson

Executive Vice President

Senior | Commercial Photography "Sigma Kappa, from the beginning, has allowed me to grow as a person & because of the loving support of these women, I'm in a position in this organization that I never thought I would be able to take on. I have grown so much in life & it is all because of being vice president & everything I've learned from the amazing women surrounding me."

Jacqueline Pope

Vice President of Scholarship

Senior | Nursing "I chose Sigma Kappa because I felt most like myself around the girls during recruitment. I am thankful for an organization that accepts my quirks and shares a love for service. I love being VPS because it allows me to encourage our sisters to put school first! Sisterhood is all about helping each other strive for success & this is my favorite way to do that!"

Gaelin Griffith

Vice President of Communication

Junior | Finance & Banking and Risk Management & Insurance "I love Sigma Kappa because I've gained so many great friends that have taught me so much. My position has helped me better my time management skills and taught me discipline."

Katie Sevener

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Junior | Elementary Education "I love Sigma Kappa because it has given me a genuine group of girls as well as different leadership experiences & service opportunities. My position is awesome because I have the ability to connect alumnae members to the current chapter members. It is amazing to see the impact that Sigma Kappa has had on alumnae's lives & the impact it continues to have."

Hannah Hill

Vice President of Membership

Senior | Public Relations & Marketing "Sigma Kappa has truly brought out the person I wanted to be in college: involved & part of something bigger. The relationships I've made will last forever with these genuine & fun girls. Being VPM has allowed me to leave my legacy on Sigma Kappa & get to personally know all of my sisters!"

Ally Hinson

Vice President of Finance

Senior | Finance & Banking "I love Sigma Kappa because it's given me the best friends I could've asked for; the ones I know will stay around forever. I like my position because it's given me a chance to get to know and work with each and every girl in the sorority, while giving me an experience that will help me in my future career."

Kate Williams

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

Junior | Interdisciplinary Studies - Sustainable Apparel Industry "I love Sigma Kappa because we are all passionate & determined individuals, but are unified under our letters & our values. Each woman in the chapter brings so much life & light to this organization. I love my position because I am able to allow my sisters' passions to shine through when we give back to our local & national philanthropies. I'm proud to be a Sigma Kappa because we defy greek life stereotypes in everything we do!"

Liz Wilson

Vice President of Programming

Junior | Communications "Sigma Kappa has enabled me to make connections that will help me out tremendously throughout the rest of my collegiate & adult life! I am so thankful for the opportunities & skills it has equipped me with. Dove love all the way!"

Janna Vogler

Vice President of New Member Education

Senior | Psychology "I love being able to teach new members all things Sigma Kappa! This organization is like having a home away from home."

Jojo Tompkins

Panhellenic Delegate

Junior | Spanish Education "I love Sigma Kappa because of the service opportunities & the wonderful friendships! I love being the Pan Del because I get to represent Sig Kap in the greek community & make relationships with other sorority members!"

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